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Going Above and Beyond the State’s Childcare Standards

It has been the primary goal of Small Miracles Academy Daycare and Preschool to provide an exceptional educational program. We take great pride in offering the HighScope Preschool curriculum, which places a strong emphasis on fostering independence, creativity, problem-solving, and academic skills.
In a HighScope preschool program, teachers ignite children’s interest in learning by creating an environment that encourages them to explore learning materials and interact with adults and peers. We focus on supporting early learners as they make decisions, build academic skills, develop socially and emotionally, and become part of a classroom community.

Active learning is at the center of the HighScope Curriculum. It’s the foundation of young children gaining knowledge through their natural play and interactions with the environment, events, and other people.

Adult-Child Interaction

At Small Miracles Academy, our teachers serve as partners, actively engaging with your children and fostering communication through both verbal and nonverbal means to encourage learning. We employ key strategies for adult-child interactions, including sharing control with children, establishing communication as a partnership, scaffolding children’s play, utilizing encouragement instead of praise, and adopting a problem-solving approach to support children in resolving conflicts.

Learning Environment

To establish a predictable and dynamic learning environment, teachers at Small Miracles Academy carefully arrange and furnish the classroom with a variety of open-ended materials that reflect the children’s homes, cultures, and languages. The room is thoughtfully organized and labeled to promote independence and encourage children to pursue their intentions with confidence.

Daily Routine

At Small Miracles Academy campuses, a consistent framework for the day ensures a balanced variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Children actively participate in both individual and social play, engage in small- and large-group activities, contribute to cleanup tasks, socialize during mealtimes, develop self-care skills, and exercise their fine and gross motor abilities.

The most crucial segment of the daily routine is the plan-do-review sequence. During this sequence, children make decisions regarding their activities, carry out their ideas, and engage in reflection alongside adults and their peers. These higher-level thinking skills are interconnected with the development of executive functions, which play a vital role in achieving success both in school and in life.


Ongoing child assessment is also an underlying component of the HighScope Curriculum. Objective anecdotal observations of children collected throughout children’s natural play allow Small Miracle Academy campus teachers to assess and share your child’s progress and plan meaningful learning experiences.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth​ early learning programs include:

How Did Small Miracles Get Started?

Small Miracles Academy was established in 2005 in East Plano. Our founder, Toni Madkins, has dedicated years to creating safe and nurturing learning environments in Small Miracles Academy Daycare and Preschool campuses across the Dallas metroplex. Her goal has always been to create a loving and nurturing learning environment for children, allowing their parents to rest easy knowing their most precious gifts are safe and happy every day while they are away from home. Currently, Small Miracles Academy operates 7 campuses in Allen, East Plano, Mesquite, North Garland, Richardson, Sachse, and West Plano.

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From infancy to 13 years of age, Small Miracles Academy campuses will academically challenge, and build independence, creativity, and problem-solving thinking while lovingly nurturing your children. Our facilities are licensed by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services and are also a Texas Rising Star Provider. This means we operate at a level above and beyond the minimum childcare standards established by the State of Texas. We proudly utilize the curriculum. Tours are available for our campuses, so come visit us today!

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