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Helping Mold Young Minds for More than a Decade

At three-years-old, your child is eager and ready to learn. At this age, children are at an extremely crucial point in their lives, as they start absorbing information at a rapid rate. Additionally, they need constant activities to strengthen their fine motor skills and cognitive development. At Small Miracles Academy, our High Scope Curriculum for preschoolers is designed to do just that. Our preschool curriculum uses developmentally-appropriate and intentional learning to prepare children for kindergarten while helping them gain self-esteem, independence, and academic achievement. The High Scope Curriculum for this age group was specifically-designed to help children gain essential, foundational life skills.

children raising their arms with teacher

An In-Depth Look at Our Preschool Learning Program

We are committed to quality education and providing an environment where children can learn, feel safe, and have fun. We work with our families to recognize the uniqueness of each child so that we can provide individual care of the highest-quality. Our program drives enthusiasm for learning while giving your child the feeling of competence. The program will meet the needs of your child – socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. At Small Miracles Academy, our learning program encourages your preschooler’s growth by helping them:

  • Count
  • Sound out letters
  • Recognize words
  • Appreciate and understand colors, sounds, and more

Promoting Strong, Healthy Minds

The foundation your child obtains at three years old will help them immensely later in life. That’s why it is imperative your child receive the strongest, most helpful curriculum available. Our High Scope Curriculum ensures your child is well-equipped for the future. We provide practical life lessons to help your child gain independence, both physically and mentally. It is at this age that children also learn physical coordination. At Small Miracles Academy, we strive to facilitate all manners of growth and learning with our preschool students. The goal is to develop the five senses. We do this through the appreciation and understanding of colors, sounds, and more.

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