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Now Accepting Registrations

Fun and affordable, Small Miracles Academy offers a wide range of activities that your children will love. From nature walks and scavenger hunts that explore the great outdoors, to engaging arts and crafts activities such as painting, drawing, and jewelry making, we provide opportunities to spark their creativity.

When it comes to beating the heat during our hot Texas summers, our youngest kids can cool off through supervised water play. They can splash around and participate in water games while under our watchful care. For our older kiddos, the highlight of their week is the field trips to local pools and splash pads.

In addition to these exciting water activities, we offer games and puzzles, storytelling and drama sessions, as well as various physical activities and team sports. With all these options available, your child is guaranteed a fun-filled and thrilling summer. Small Miracles Academy prioritizes both convenience and affordability, ensuring a memorable experience for your child.

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